Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beautiful Brand New Shop!!

I just came back from another trip to Denver, my husband's hometown. I love going to Denver.. one of the reasons is because all our friends live there! I was SO HAPPY to be able to spend a few days at my friend Christina's house.. to drink caffe' latte together every morning and stay up super late at night to sew and crochet while chit-chatting in an incredibly low voice not to wake all our babies up! :) And when I say late... I mean 3:00 - 3:30 am!! In the morning we were zombies that didn't regret at all the precious time spent together.
I helped her open her new shop on Etsy!! She's selling beautiful aprons, hot-pads and soon-to-come extra kitchen items! I want to share with you her incredible skill and I hope you'll go visit her shop. It's called Calico and Frills, because that's the style she likes and I'm sure you'll like it too! ♥

P.S. the beautiful model in her pictures is me!!! lol :)


  1. I love Christine's lovely aprons! I may just have to start wearing one- they are that cool!

  2. Wonderful new shop :-)Thank you for share!

  3. Benvenuta allora nel magico mondo di Etsy!!welcome!!

  4. Luisa my dear dear friend, thank you for this blog spot. You are a real gem! It's true, I don't regret those long nights, they were time well spent! Needless to say (no pun intended:)I miss you very much and now my nights up sewing are even more quiet without you! Come back to Denver soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Okay, I'm blogging now! You have not only encouraged me to open a shop:)but now a blog. I'm laughing out loud right now!


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