Monday, December 5, 2016

ShopSmall ~ Handmade Goodness

Here I am back at it!!!! Who would have thought? 
Well, it's true that I often disappear, but I'm always back. I still like to go back and look at my old posts, pictures and recipes, where a tiny slice of time stopped. 
Christmas time is already here, lights are everywhere, trees and ornaments are twinkling in the homes, people are already shopping for gifts... and this is exactly what I want to speak about. You all know that I own a little online shop of handmade goodies and I know many other shops that I would like to promote here. This Christmas it would be very nice if you could #ShopSmall . What does this mean? It's simply a way to encourage and appreciate people who use their hands to create beautiful things. I was inspired by Fundera, a small business loans marketplace, to show my support. You can read more about the importance about small businesses HERE .

But let me show you some of the cutest gifts you could make this Christmas!

You can follow all these amazing makers also on Instagram, which is what I do and get a lot of inspiration from them. Just click on their names and it will take you to their IG profiles:
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Well, I hope you can show some love during this Christmas Season and buy at leeeeeast one {or two} handmade presents from your list of gifts to give. You are going to make someone's day. 

Love as always. Enjoy the Season!