Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Inspiration Board

Today I decided to participate to an "Inspiration Linky Party"...! The invitation came from "DondaLee's", one of my favorite blogs! Anyone can participate, we are simply sharing what are the things that inspire us the most and pin them on a virtual inspiration board. These are some of mine:

  1. My morning Coffee. I cannot live without my caffe'latte* in the morning {*strong Italian espresso mixed with hot milk and sugar}, I've always had it.. it gives me all the energy I need and it's my moment of comfort and reflection, just me and my big mug. :)
  2. Nature, especially flowers. I'm so blessed, I live in a tiny house surrounded by a huge yard, with grass, flowers, trees, vegetables, fruit... under the big blue sky of California! I have the whole of Nature at my house! It inspires me everyday.
  3. Among the creatures of Nature..the one that I love the most is the Ladybug {or depends if she lives in England or USA}. :) I find myself, almost everyday, telling my children...especially the be nice to the pretty ladybugs. ♥ You can find ladybugs all over my yard and my shop.
  4. The color PINK and everything that is Princess looking, glittery, elegant and beautiful. 
  5. Colorful Ribbons! I can never have enough!! I like especially the silky ones.. my Grandma used to collect them.. they make me think of her, and they are just so pretty! I use them for anything..
There is many other things that give me inspiration, I guess these were the first that came in mind. It would be nice to see also what inspires you!! Just leave a link in one of the comments or go visit DondaLee's beautiful blog!! She is also a big inspiration!!


  1. I LOVE your inspiration board! That is so awesome that you made one! And thank you so much for all your sweet words about my blog!

    I gotta have my coffee in the morning too! I LOVE it! And of course I'm crazy about all things pink. =)

  2. Hi Luisa,
    I found your blog this morning when I saw that you followed me on my blog. Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you enjoyed your visit. I see you have already meet my friend of Dondi, from DondaLee's blog. I also see my sweet friend Donna, from Donna's Lavender Nest, is following you. Well, you just keep visiting people from links on our blogs and you will meet the NICEST bloggers! Go visit Andrea from The Cottage Market, and Jennifer from Sugar Pink Boutique, and oh boy I could go on and on, just go to my blog and look at the buttons on the side. You will love them all. Every single one of them!!! And I'm sure they will love you!
    well, you are in good company, I too LOVE pink, MUST HAVE my morning coffee, love nature, ribbons, and anything sparkly and glittery and princess-like! I also wanted to tell you that Keren from Free Pretty Things For You is a fabulous graphics designer, she is associated with Shabby Blogs. If you ever want a custom banner or graphics designed you should contact her. She is the absolute best and if you look at her blog you will see some of the blogs she designed for. I think your blog is really cute, and I am looking forward to seeing more of you! It's so nice to meet you!

  3. Hi Luisa! I found your blog from our ETSY Team, BNR Babes! It is so good to connect with you! I am third generation - i am in US, but my grandparents are from Italy, I am 100% purebreed! I pray someday I can come there for a season to live, it is my dream! I have family in Terracina still and perhaps Stromboli.

    I have 2 blogs- and
    I look forward to connecting more and reading your blog!

    -gina marie

  4. Hi! Stopping by today from BNRBabes Team. =)
    I like the idea of this linky party. I'll have to check it out.
    ~ Kim

  5. I really apreciate nature, specially how we can do to recycled, reuse it or how we can give a second use different as the normal one to objects that surround us everyday.


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