Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Year of Fun

I've been sick for a whole week together with my children.. it has been an unbearable adventure.. one of my girls even ended up to the ER the other night.. but it looks like it's over now! We are all much better.. Thanks be to God!! :)

Today I realized it's my Etsy Anniversary!!! I've been on Etsy for a whole year now!! Time really flies... I have a lot of fun in doing what I do, I met a lot of beautiful people, like my teamies from MadeInItalyTeam {who are among the few who ever read my blog!! and give me a lot of support..}, all the girls from the BNRBabes {who helped me with many of my sales!}, my friend Lisa from beadsoul {who introduced me to the Etsy world!}, the sweetest Carmen from bijouxfan {with whom I exchange messages and advices}.. and many many more!! I thank everybody for making my days even busier than what they already are!!! =)
Much Love to ALL!!!!

from Carmen, bijouxfan
from Lisa, beadsoul

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today it's my Feast Day, or onomastico, the day of my Saint...whatever you want to call it! In the Catholic Church we celebrate St. Louise de Marillac, a beautiful woman from France who took care of her sick husband until he died and then dedicated her whole life curing the sick and the poor in the streets, in the France of the XV century. I would have loved to celebrate as we usually do, with a nice meal in good company.. but.. ahime' {alas}.. I've been SICK all day together with two of my children. Not fun! :( 
Even when I'm sick, though, I cannot stay completely still.. and I finally finished and posted in my shop this Spring Garland and I cooked a little treat.. I cannot NOT celebrate my French Saint!!! I believe she protects me from Heaven.. so I cooked in her honor a delicious ♥MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT♥, which I will eat soon hoping that it will send my flu away. :)         {here is the recipe}

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration Board #2

While reading one of my favorite blogs, I decided to participate to her Inspiration Linky Party again! Anyone can do it and I think it's fun!!
These are the things I chose as my inspiration this time:
  1. ITALY. I found this gorgeous picture of Rome showing the Tevere river and St. Peter's Cathedral in the background. How I would love to take a walk there right now!! All my brothers and sisters live in the Eternal City. Of course, anything Italian inspires me.. it's my blood... it's ME!! :)
  2. PRETTY FABRICS. Any type of colorful and pretty fabrics makes me want to work and create something new! Every time I go in a fabric store I become dizzy from the beautiful colors I see all around me... I just love fabrics.
  3. NAIL POLISH. If I didn't have to wash dishes everyday I would wear nail polish all the time. :) I cannot afford to go to a manicure (it would be nice...), so I paint my nails the best I can, but the dish-soap and all the different detergents wash it off almost right away. :( When I was younger I used to have my nails painted with different colors.. pink, red and sometimes even green or blue! :) Anyway, I like to see my nails painted, especially when I crochet!
  4. THE BEATLES. I love listening to them whatever I do. I started learning English thanks to them {and my Mom's patience, as she already knew English perfectly as well as all their songs} 21 years ago!! It was my first year of High School, I didn't know any English at all... I fell in love with their music and since then I never stopped singing their songs... ♥
I think that's it for now!! Let me know what you think!!! :)