Sunday, February 19, 2012

Free Business Cards!!

Ilva Beretta uses MOO Business Cards to showcase her beautiful cookery photos

I'm so excited right now!! I just ordered 50 business cards for FREE!! Thanks to Elettrarossa's blog, I found out that the printing company "" is having a special offer for all the Etsy sellers... you can make and order of personalized business cards featuring the items from your shop.. on the back you can write your name, the name of your shop, email.. whatever you want. You will pay only the shipping (only $5 in my case). I think it's a great opportunity, I was waiting for an offer like this to start using business cards. I just had to share it with you!!
Just click on this link:  (I don't know how long it will last!)

If for whatever reason it doesn't work anymore, you can use this link to have a discount:

Another thing that made me happy today was my first video posted on You Tube! I don't know if it will bring more people to my shop {I hope so}... but I had a lot of fun in making it! 


  1. wow great events in this Winter Sunday!!
    Certainly They'll give You more visibility!!

  2. great!!! thanks for the tip, and good luck with the video!:)

  3. :D Those cards are wonderful, aren't they? And...well done with the video! My friends always tell me I should have one! I hope it brings you a lot of visits!

  4. Beautiful cards ;) and congrats for your video!!

  5. Congrats also on the awesome video! Those cards aren't too shabby either!!!!
    Your fellow nonteamie,

  6. Gorgeous cards and good luck with your video!

  7. Congratulations for your first video on you tube!!
    Amazing cards!!


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