Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pouches. {and a giveaway}

Who knows if there's still someone who reads my blog.... but it's ok, I write it anyway, whenever I can! :)
The little struggles of my everyday life didn't stop me from working in my little shop. I've been recently inspired by super cute fabrics and I ordered some directly from Japan! I think they have some of the cutest prints and the quality of their cotton is incredible. I have made a few pouches, all listed in my SHOP.
There will be more to come!

If you want to WIN my Ladybug Ruffled POUCH {together with other amazing prizes} you can enter the giveaway below!!
Good Luck!!!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cross-Stitch Love

First of all...thank you to all who entered my Giveaway!!! I've contacted the winner and sent her the Pumpkin Spice Cup Cozy! I can't wait to hear from her and see if she likes it.... :)
In the meantime I've been cross-stitching a lot!!! Yesssss!!! It has been such a long time... I used to cross-stitch more often when I was younger {before having sweet little babies}, it was my favorite hobby, it relaxes me and gives satisfaction once the work is done. I remember, while studying at the University, I had a little project waiting for me after every exam.. I couldn't wait to finish to study just to be able to cross-stitch without any worries! 
I would have liked to share pictures of my last work... but I'm not done!!! That's why I checked online for beautiful works made by other people.... I picked a few to share with you:

Look at this amazing girl.... isn't she so pretty???

...and Super Mario!!!!! This was the game I spent hours playing when I was little!

This is an incredibly cute Hoop Art work.. I like the simplicity of the stitches..

These little mice are just so adorable!!!!!

This one also reminds me of my childhood!! Iridella {her name in Italian...}

I could go on and on and on... there are so many great cross-stitchers out there!!!! 
I also found many web-sites where you can buy patterns... my favorite is DANCE NEEDLE on Etsy, they have adorable kawaii style easy patterns. 
If you are looking for something FREE there's always Pinterest!! That's where I found mine... click HERE to display a lot of free patterns!
There is also another interesting web-site called MYPHOTOSTITCH.COM , where you can upload any picture {for free} and it will transform it in a cross-stitch pattern!! Isn't it cool?? 

Well, that's all I have for now!!! If you are a stitcher like me, I hope you will enjoy a nice cup of tea sitting in your favorite spot on a chilly afternoon, with in your hands your favorite work ready to be stitched.

Happy Fall to you All!!!