Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A scent of Italy.

Hello Friends!!!
what a beautiful hot day we had here in California today!! After a few days of rain, the sun is back again! It really felt like summer... and when I feel that type of warmth I can only think of my South of Italy {where I come from}. I recently had the opportunity to purchase something I had on my "I-really-want" List for a long time and it arrived two days ago all the way from the beautiful Calabria (Italy)!!! 
I purchased a pretty locket with a deliciously homemade solid perfume called Scirocco. I first fell in love with the name as it takes me back to the South of Italy... for those who don't know, it's the name of a wind that originates in Africa (in the Sahara desert) and blows through the Mediterranean sea. It brings with it the scent of summer, of the jasmine, the oranges and other citruses.. well, that perfume contains it all! I can close my eyes and smell the countryside where I grew up.
I want to thank so much Mariu', the owner of the beautiful Etsy SHOP called LaMiaCasaNelVento, meaning My House In the Wind {she makes also organic soaps and candles}. She also writes a BLOG where she shares the most amazing pictures! You should check it out!!
Her talent is great and the care she takes in bringing every little detail to perfection is what touches me.
I feel honored to have one of her pieces and to be able to smell Italy. If you are curious... you should go order one of her perfumes as well and let me know what you think!! :)

this is what I received.... 

Here is something you can find in her shop:
Single note "Enfleurage of Jasmine" Natural Solid Perfume Locket

Chamomile Matricaria ,natural, preserved in a fine cotton drawstring bag.

Hugs to you all!!
..and tanti baci...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the cutest fabric...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

I had a pretty quiet morning so far... I'm glad I had the time to sew. I used the last little piece of one the cutest fabric I've ever bought. Disney Princesses! I found it online, it came all the way from Japan! I wish I could buy more... I could only find a small sample that I cut in pieces to be able to create more with it.
I don't know if you had a chance to see the newest pouches in my shop... they are one of a kind!.. unless I find more of that gorgeous fabric!!.... he he... :)
What do you think??

Which one is your favorite Disney Princess? I can't decide!!! Even if I know I'm never tired to watch Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.......

Hugs to you..
and may all your dreams come true!!!!