Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy B♥Day my Love!

Yes!! Today is my husband's birthday! well as my Mom's {but unfortunately she lives far far away from me}.. We celebrated with a HUGE lunch all cooked by me and served by our children! They had so much fun serving their Dad, pretending to be at a restaurant called "Mami's Kitchen". They were wearing their aprons and napkin folded on their arm.. They even wrote a Menu describing all the courses. Of course I directed this whole thing, I had a lot of fun too..especially cooking! I just love to cook. I'll share with you the dessert... Profiteroles! Et voila'!! The Puffs came out gorgeous!.. I followed a recipe from Martha Stewart's web-site.. then I filled them with pastry cream (= crema pasticcera) and covered them with a delicious chocolate sauce. YUM!!!
I know my husband had a great day and a big smile on his face. :)

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