Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Date Night ♥

I hope everybody had a great Valentine's Day... I know I did!! Instead of going to a fancy restaurant that we cannot afford, my husband {being a great cook} decided to cook for me last night!! We had a "Date-Night" at home.
I had the kids eat their dinner while watching a movie {it never happens, so it was special for them}.. I have made them a pizza shaped as a heart!! It came out really good.. ;)

And while they were eating and having fun... my husband cooked a delicious meal for the 2 of us! 
  • Bruschetta (pron. BROO-SKE-TTA)
  • N.Y strip Steak with Porcini Mushroom sauce
  • Creamy Polenta
  • Sauté Spinach
  • Strawberry pastry with strawberry ice-cream
  • Glass of Spumante ♥
I enjoyed every bite!! :)


  1. Great cookeries! My boyfriend and I had pizza too...As I always tell him, we're still Lost Boys!

  2. aaaawwww... what a brilliant,cosy night!well done you!:)

  3. Carina quella pizza!!! la voglio fare anch'io!!

  4. the perfect date !!!! Great idea at home with the kids but in the meantime alone with Your "boy"!!!!

  5. Really romantic date ;)))
    Great Valentines day!!

  6. Love the heart shaped pizza ;) So romantic
    Nice romantic date!

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