Saturday, February 4, 2012

my new Look!

I'm so excited for the NEW LOOK of my Blog!!! 
I did everything by myself.. thanks to a free tutorial that I found while browsing different blogs. It's from a blog called SHABBY BLOGS , I love their style and they let you choose the header, buttons, pages separators, background.. all for FREE!! Isn't it great?? I love free stuff!! They explain everything very well also. I was able to add different pages.. thing that I had been wondering how to do for a while..
I'm just so happy I had to share it with all of you!!! And if you need help with your blog.. go check it out!!


  1. I am just soooooo happy about this new look too! Wow! It looks great! I love free stuff too:) <3 <3 Great Job Isa Mia, Ciao Bacione

  2. Congrats for this new look!It's wonderful....
    I think also that you have made all by yourself: WOW!Thank you for sharing the link for free tutorial with us, it's great!

  3. This blog is so cute!!! well done Luisa!! :)

  4. Really romantic!!
    Great new look Luisa!!!

  5. OMG, Oh Dios mio!, Oh mon dieu, Oh mio Dio! vado a vedere anch'io!!! :) grazie per queste aportazioni! sei molto generosa!


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