Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cinderella Hoop


Have you watched the new Cinderella movie? I simply loved it!! So much so that I was inspired to embroider a new hoop... which is available now in my SHOP. What do you think?

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rustico ~ a delicious recipe from my town.

Hello Hello!!!
I have been asked to write the recipe of this delicious treat. I have published it on my Recipe Blog... but it's in Italian {here is the LINK, if you are interested}. I'm translating here the recipe in English for all those who would like to try it without using google translate... because who knows what would come out!!! :))
If like me, you use the frozen puff-pastry it will be very simple. Here we go:

  • 2 sheets of frozen PUFF-PASTRY
Bechamelle Sauce
  • 2 cups of warm MILK
  • half stick of BUTTER
  • 3 tbsp of FLOUR
  • SALT
extra ingredients for the filling
  • a can of PEELED TOMATOES
  • 1 EGG
  1. Thaw the puff-pastry.
  2. Prepare the bechamelle sauce:melt the butter in a small pan on medium heat. When melted add the flour. Mix well, always stirring. Add the milk very slowly, always stirring, until it becomes a cream. Add salt and pepper. 
  3. Every rustico is formed by 2 discs of puff-pastry (diameter of 5-6 inches), you can also make it square... any shape you like.
  4. Put a dollop of bechamelle in the center of the first disc, add 3 chunks of mozzarella and one or two well squeezed can tomatoes. Add a pinch of salt.
  5. Beat the egg to use it as a "glue" to attach the two puff-pastry discs together. Brush the edges of the first disc and close the rustico covering the filling with the second disc, pressing well the edges to form kind of a dome on top.
  6. Brush the whole surface with the rest of the egg-wash.
  7. Use the rest of the puff-pastry and ingredients to make 2 or 3 more rusticos.
  8. Bake in pre-heated oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

Well, that's all!!! I hope you like it... and if you make it... please let me know!!!!! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Decorative Pillows.

Hello everyone!!

Like I have said other times, I can never stay still.. I always have to be doing something and, of course, in a house with 5 little kids there's always a mountain of things to do.

I spend most of the day doing chores: cleaning, picking up toys, cooking, standing at the sink washing dishes...especially cups of every kind...{no dishwasher here}, "wash-hang-ironing" clothes and now also changing diapers and rocking my adorable baby girl. I bless God for all of this! He gives me everyday the opportunity to give my life for my family and others...

Among all these daily activities I try to squeeze-in also my hobbies... sewing, crocheting, making pretty things... it reminds me so much of my grandma, always busy with work in her hands. She could embroider really well... I never really learned how to embroider and it's too late to ask her to teach me. Nonetheless I'm starting to teach myself! I have been following different you-tube videos to learn the basic stitches, to be able to create cute stuff. I have many ideas but not much time to put them into practice.

I have been recently working on decorative pillows for my daughters. I had bought the plain pillows at Hobby Lobby more than 2 years ago! I recently bought a super adorable "Rapunzel" fabric from Japan {pretty Rapunzel pouches will be soon in my Shop!!} and started to practice my embroidery. 

Here's a few pictures of my work...

I tried to leave it simple. The important thing is that my daughters love their new pillows.. especially their initials and embroidered portrait! :))

xoxo to you all,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Who needs Books?

Hi everyone!! my post of today is about.......Books. 
I grew up surrounded by books. Wherever I lived with my family there was always an immense amount of books beautifully displayed in antique bookcases, or closed in big armoires for lack of space. My grandfather had a passion for books, as well as my father. Even if I've never been very fond of studying and reading, I have read many novels and have studied many books to be able to graduate from University. After many years I find myself still surrounded by books, this time because of my husband.. who, unlike me, loves reading.. his nightstand is basically a tower of books.

It's sad to see how nowadays, because of technology (i-pads, smart-phones, tablets..) books are becoming less and less used. That's why I'm happy to see there are some websites who are in favor of books and find a way to promote them, like for example It's a service for students, they can rent any school book for the amount of time they need it to study. The renters are allowed to highlight any text book. The prices are cheap... you can save 40-90% off of bookstore prices! And they ship for FREE both ways.... Doesn't it sound great? 
You can find more detailed information on this video. Check it out!

One of the things I like the most is that with every book rented, part of the money is donated to a Charity Organization called Operation Smile , through which they collect funds to help children born with a cleft lip. So... not only you save money in books you need for your studies, but you also help a child to be able to have a beautiful smile.

I wish I had the opportunity to use this service while I was still in college...  this is why I share it with all of you! Spread the word!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Year Of Silence Filled With Blessings.

One year of silence from this blog. 
One year of miracles.
The pictures below will speak for themselves.
We were extremely blessed with the conception and birth of our fifth baby.
We had the incredible opportunity to go to Italy to visit my family.
Our heart is full, giving thanks to God.

 ...drinking from a fountain in Rome.. {5 months pregnant}
 Castro, Italy.
 Enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends.

 My Love.
 Making pizzas using an old wood-burning oven.
 "Swiss-guard" at the Vatican.
 Beautiful beach at the feet of a castle.
 My sweet baby Rita, one day old.

So many stories to tell, so many things.. a little silence sometimes is good.

xoxo to you all,