Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sweetest tea party

I've always loved a cup of tea in the afternoon. Today I prepared some scones from scratch for the first time. I had recently bought a jar of clotted cream, as I was so curious to see what it tastes like, and I know it needs to be spread on scones together with delicious jam. 

The scones came out delicious (I followed this RECIPE).


The clotted cream can be described as a fluffy, sweet butter. It was fresh, dense and it created a perfect marriage with the jam. I am not deceived but very happy with my purchase. It's a product of England, not easily found in the States unless it's imported.
You can order some HERE .


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Experiencing Amazon Flex ~ a job review

Buongiorno everyone!!

Today I'd like to share with you my latest job experience... well, it's actually my husband's job at the moment, but I was able to accompany him and help him out. Have you heard of AMAZON FLEX? It's a service provided by amazon in order to deliver packages quicker. My husband was hired as a driver and yesterday I was his helper.

This is what you need for this job:

  • a good working CAR (and drivers' license)
  • a good working SMART PHONE
  • lots of PATIENCE in traffic

This is how it works:

~You NEED the Amazon Flex App on your phone (it will be given to you once you are approved)

~Everyday you'll receive a notice of available jobs in your area. Choose one if you're available!

~You'll drive to the amazon warehouse at the specific time given, you check-in,  they will give you boxes to deliver in a specific area of your town (or a nearby town).

~You will have a time-slot of 3 hours to deliver all the packages (or most of them).

~During the delivery, your GPS will take you to the different homes, one by one.

~Find the package to deliver, scan the code with your phone and leave it at the people's front door (don't forget to ring the bell!)

~Once the working hours are up you can go home (only if you have delivered everything, if not you have to return the extra packages to the warehouse. You are paid for those specific hours...exactly $54).

This is a great part-time job, maybe for students or if you have time to make some extra bucks. It really depends on your availability. You decide when to work, what day, what time... all you need is checking the app on your phone and decide if you want to make some money or not.


We had to deliver 49 packages in 3 hours..... it was very difficult!! I can already tell you that we were able to deliver only half of them.
The difficulty was the traffic (we happened to have to deliver packages in a very busy area of Sacramento), apart from the amount of packages in the car! That was actually kind of fun for me, and a good way to help my husband, while he was driving to the place I was able to look for the specific package, searching among the mountain of packages inside our car! (see pictures below)
We would take turns to deliver them at the front doors.
The hardest places for delivery are the apartments! Many times it's difficult to find the number and that can slow you down a bit.
While you drive you feel the pressure to get to the place you need to go as soon as possible. I was wondering what all those packages may contain, maybe something really important, and I was the one delivering it! Such a great task. I felt really bad when I saw we couldn't finish delivering all the packages, but with only 3 hours and that traffic, and that amount of boxes...it was literally impossible.
It's not the same every time. This was yesterday. I liked the experience and I know I will go again because I felt useful and it made it a little easier for my husband who was stressed-out enough just by driving and following the GPS' directions.


If you are interested in this job and you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments!! Me and my husband will answer you according to our experience. 

Have a great day!!!!


P.S.  Nobody pays me for this post, this is just my experience and my personal thoughts.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Matcha Love ~ Yes or No?

Hello everyone!!

I was wondering if also you have the "matcha fever"..I don't even know if that's a thing, but I have been noticing more and more how popular matcha is becoming. If you are among those who don't know what I'm talking about, you can get instructed through this LINK and wikipedia will magically answer all your questions.

Have you ever tried a "matcha Latte"? It's something looking like this:

Image result for matcha latte
You can find the recipe here from bon appetit

You'll need this for the Latte recipe.

It looks and sounds delicious, a creamy green tea... kind of like a mixture between a tea and a cappuccino! It's on my wish-list of new drinks to try.

My only experience with matcha is the KitKat candy bar!! I was so fortunate to have a friend traveling through Japan, I asked him to buy me one "green KitKat" and he brought me a whole box!! I have been sharing the delicious treats with my husband and kids. I posted a picture on my Instagram and a few people were curious about it...so I decided to share the link where you all can find it without having to go to Japan! You need to try it!

Happy Shopping!!

Please let me know your experience about this new trend!! Have you tried anything matcha? Do you like it? Leave a comment if you like.