My name is Luisa Madeleine, I'm married to my love Derek, a funny-grumpy-sweet guy from Denver, and we have 5 beautiful children {+ 1 in Heaven}. I come from the beautiful Italy, where I lived almost all my life and we are now Catholic missionaries in California and Nevada. We live in the Providence of God, who is so so good to us!!

As you can see from the pictures I love Nature and especially climbing on trees... my children are following my steps in that..

I love to create things, I have always been busy with something crafty in my hands or ideas in my head. Right now I mostly crochet, embroider and sew, but I also love painting, drawing, singing and play the guitar.

One of my greatest teachers in crafting has been my Nonna Isabella, she could make anything and she touched the lives of so many people. Now that I lost her I feel the urge to fill that void and keep creating to make this world a little more beautiful. In the meantime I also like to blog about what's up in my life, what I miss about my beautiful country, I share recipes and promote shops and blogs that I like!

Welcome to my Blog!


* this is me in the Tuscan countryside at the age of 6.
** me and my husband 2 years ago.