Thursday, February 9, 2012

my Cherry Cupcake ♥

Deep in my thoughts.. in my mind that never stops thinking, creating, imagining something new to make.. a little Ladybug found a deliciously pink cupcake. It was love at first sight!! She crawled on top of the icing and ate the cherry, which became her clever disguise.. trying not to be noticed. :)
This is the story behind my new cozy: the CHERRY CUPCAKE LADYBUG. Bring it to Starbucks and it will make everybody turn their heads because of her cuteness!! ♥ I love the cotton I used for this cozy, it's incredibly soft..and the color is just adorable. I cannot resist pink!! I bought that yarn thinking that I would have made something cute out of it... well, I really hope you like it too!!!


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