Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY pretty Necklace by Kayla

Hello everyone!!! Today I'm so excited to have Kayla over to my blog again!! She's going to share with us a DIY to make an amazingly cute necklace. :) Just look at her! I know you want to make one too... let's see how....
Hello friends! My name is Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty and I'm so thrilled to be on Luisa's blog today! She really is the sweetest! :)

Today, I am going to share a super easy DIY tutorial to make your own wooden bead necklace. I have seen these necklaces pop up everywhere and I am really loving them. They are so simple to make and yet very versatile and fun to wear!

What you will need:
*6 medium sized round wooden beads
*fine cable chain in color of your choice. You will need 18" of this and make sure it's small enough to thread through the holes of your wooden beads
*a lobster claw clasp with link
*2 small jump rings
*wire cutters
*chain-nose pliers

Most wooden beads come plain with the option of painting them the colors you would like. You can also get some that are "pre-colored." Decide whether or not you would like to paint yours (I painted mine metallic gold) and do so to 6 of the beads.

Once your beads are the colors you would like, get your chain and measure it 18" in length and cut it (with your wire cutters) at that length.

Then, string your beads (once they have dried) one at a time through the cut chain.

Once the beads are strung, attach a small jump ring to the end of one side of the chain. Then, attach the lobster clasp to the jump ring and close the jump ring.

On the other end of the chain, attach the other jump ring. Then, attach the link that the lobster clasp will connect with.

Once that jump ring has been closed, you have yourself a brand spankin' new necklace! Now, wear it proudly because after all, you made it! :)

Thank you so much Kayla!!! It looks beautiful and fun to make!

I hope you all enjoyed it too!



  1. Adorable, I will have to try and make one myself :)

  2. I'm already planning to make this :) It's so cute!! Great tutorial! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I've meaning to do a similar necklace. I have some wooden beads that I purchased that I can paint.


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