Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bocelli Love

I spent the last two days in the car driving to L.A. back and forth {I know it's crazy! we spend a loooot of time in the car!}. I usually like to crochet to kill time... 7 hours can be pretty long... this time I forgot to bring my work! Fortunately my husband had the great idea to rent a few cds from the Library. {Our cds are all super scratched!} One of these was a Bocelli one. I love it. We listened to it over and over. I knew only a few songs... and I'm so happy to have discovered some new favorite songs. I've always loved Andrea Bocelli... who doesn't... the way he transmits the emotions in his songs just gives me goose-bumps, I also admire his humility, his style.. and of course, his voice is incredible. I also love the fact that he's Italian... he he :) even if now he's singing more and more in different languages. One of the songs that I liked the most from the ones I listened to today is half sang in Portuguese and half in Neapolitan (dialect spoken in Naples). Soooo beautiful!!! it's a duet with Dulce Pontes.
I found it on you-tube... listen to it! and tell me if you like it!!... I like the Arabic type of melody and the rhythm. Here it is:
O Mare e Tu (the sea and you)



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