Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visiting a good Friend and her lovely Shop♥

Just So You Know... I made it back to California!! It took us 2 days {tot. 18 hours drive}, we stopped in a Hotel in Salt Lake City to rest one night.. we couldn't stand to sit in the car any longer!
I had a great vacation and now we are getting ready for school.. before I blog about that, I want to share with you about a fun day I spent at my great friend Lisa's house. She's also known as Beadsoul. She has an incredible shop on Etsy and I took a few pictures of her brand new studio!! 
Check them out!!

This is Lisa working at her amazing desk!
 This is the new desk...custom-made by my super crafty husband!! isn't it gorgeous???♥

Here's a little cutie, her most faithful friend always keeping her company..

Lisa's organized tools..

..bothering her while working on an earring... :)

Lisa is very popular on Etsy, she's a great jeweler and she also loves to buy from other Etsy shops. If you look close in the pictures you can see in her studio a few of the items she bought:

cute little birdies decals {not in this pic} from SissyLittle

I hope you'll go check all of these gorgeous shops too!! 
Happy Crafting to ALL!!!
..and thank you to Lisa for letting me enter and share about her world...

* * * * *


  1. Great post Luisa!!! Lisa is a good friend of mines and she is as awesome as you describe her :) Thanks for the mention.

  2. Wow! How awesome to read about two of my Etsy friends!
    Love your blog, Luisa!

  3. What a nice write up of our Etsy friends. I work with Lisa a lot and also with Maria of MsBittyKnacks! Great people!

  4. Luisa mia! I love this post and not just because I am featured; so happy to see the lovely workbench your sweet hubby made, the cute Etsy finds I wanted to share... all of it makes me smile. I am so grateful for your kind sharing of my little room.

    The only thing missing? My sweet LabelleMadeleine cozy on my ever-present coffee cup- doh!

    Thanks, my sister- you are the best!

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  6. How wonderful to read about Lisa and to see her beautiful new work station. Maria's owls are adorable.

  7. Wow! I need a workspace like that! Your husband did a great job! :D Thanks so much for stopping by Me + the Moon! Hope you'll stop by next friday for my find + follow friday hop :) Following you back now! Your blog is so cute! :)

    -Nicole @

  8. Thanks for the mention!!! Your blog is adorable : ) and Lisa is THE BEST!!! <3 <3

  9. Luisa,
    It sounds like you had so much fun, I'm happy for you. I am also happy for you to be out of that car!!!! If I didn't have my crochet or something to work on while we are driving I think I would go crazy. I love your pics of the crochet projects you have been working on. I wish I was better at it . . . but still, I enjoy doing the simple things I do! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

    1. Hi Julie!!
      thank you so much for stopping by!! :)
      That's exactly what I do while driving...I crochet!! ..when the kids are not crying or asking for snacks..of course.. ;)


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