Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tomato Harvest

It seems like Fall is never gonna come. It's still very hot outside.. but I have to say that I'm enjoying these last days of Summer. I can still dry the clothes outside, before the rainy days come... and I like watering the plants everyday, especially my tomatoes!! It's the first time I have my own tomato-plants! Yesterday I picked and ate the first one... so good! 
Speaking about pomodori reminds me of something fun I did last summer.. I gave a few Italian Lessons to a sweet Denver girl who wants to learn my beautiful language! I don't know how much she learned in the end, I wish I had more time to do more lessons, but time really went so fast. During my lessons I taught her also some simple recipes {we cooked pasta with tomato sauce... and Pizza with Zucchini Flowers.. everything from scratch of course... }. It was fun!!! The best way to learn a language is to be somehow part of the culture and that's what I tried to do. ♥
my student showing off our Pizza! Buonissima!!!

...the blessings of my garden...


  1. How fun to see your tomato plants and my baby! Buonissima :)

  2. I love your pomodori! They are beautiful and surely tasteful!

  3. That pizza looks amazing! I think I may have drooled a little just looking at it... haha! I'm glad I found your blog today, it's awesome. I'm a new follower :)


  4. Looks so yummy!! Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find your! Excited to be a new follower



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