Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On an evening in... Florence!

My vacation in Denver is almost over.. soon we will head back to California. Which place do I like the most? I love both for different reasons... :) What I like about Denver is mostly the beautiful memories that I have and all the people that I love. I try to go see and spend time with everybody! Sometimes it's hard and not possible to do. This vacation I had a great time.. and every time I come to Denver I HAVE to go to eat at Parisi's.. the Italian Restaurant (100% Italian!!) located in the beautiful North-Denver, where I lived for a few years. My husband used to work there {I worked there too!} and we are still very good friends with the owner, a very nice Italian guy from Florence 
{where I was born}. 
The food is fantastic, it's like going to any restaurant in Italy.. even the atmosphere, the quality and the beauty of the environment. I really enjoy going there. Last week we had dinner at Parisi's with our friends. I took some pictures thinking I would blog about it.. of course!!! Italian water... ♥

Schiacciata Bread dipped in flavorful oil... mmmmh

Our happy table!! :)


  1. I'm from Florence too! Lovely place, it actually recalls a trattoria!!!

  2. I need to find a restaurant like this! ;) I'm following you from the Return the Favor Hop. Stop by and visit soon. ;)
    xo Sandra


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