Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Typewriter & necklace GiveAway!!

It was yesterday when I was speaking to my son about typewriters... he was asking me about how they work, how can they print the letters on the paper, how hard you need to push the buttons... I was able to explain every detail, as I used to have one when I was younger. I remember changing the ink tape, sometimes a fancier one that could also type in red! He was fascinated by my story... a little 9 year-old who has only known computers keyboards that don't need any ink to type and that are so easy to use.
Well, this morning I was happy and surprised to see this Giveaway going on at . She's giving away one of her beautiful necklaces {if you are not familiar with her work you MUST check out her shop!!} AND a vintage typewriter!!!! I just entered to win... and I really hope I do, so I could show my son that typewriters are REAL!! :)
lisa's adorable necklace
the typewriter!!
Are you a fan of vintage things?? If you are as romantic and sentimental as me... you should enter the giveaway!! Follow her instructions HERE .

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