Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Days are passing like a lightning, between school, daily chores, meetings... I haven't yet found much time to work on my SHOP as much as I would like to. It has been closed for the whole summer, as I was away from home and I had no internet connection {a little difficult to be able to communicate with the rest of the world nowadays...}. I'm trying to add new items.. I'm in love with ruffles right now! It's actually the very first thing I learned how to sew with my sewing machine. When I first bought it I had no clue how to use it, I invited over a good friend mine {who is an incredible seamstress} and while showing me all the different buttons to click and turn, she decided to teach me how to make ruffles. It remained stuck in my head since then! I think of her now while making this new kind of pouch: the Ruffled Pouch! :)
What do you think? It's colorful and also very soft, as I layered the fabric with fleece. I like how puffy it feels at the touch! My plan is to make more, with different color fabrics... soon soon!

Well, I hope you are enjoying your week as much as I am. Until next time...

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