Thursday, September 5, 2013

弁当 ... {Bento} ~ Feature Post

No... I don't study Japanese and I probably never will. I think it's nice to explore different cultures..
I was recently inspired by a super cute etsy shop I discovered via instagram. It's called BentoAday.. it sells adorable little lunch boxes {=bento}, together with little forks, tiny sauce bottles, everything you need to make a school lunch incredibly cute!
I read on wikipedia that Japanese housewives often spend time and energy on a carefully prepared lunch box for their spouse, child, or themselves. Many American women do the same! Especially during time of school... this type of lunch boxes would make me excited to prepare a lunch for my children and I know that they would be excited to eat it!! It's really something I want to buy... it's on my wish-list {I need to make some money and sell something from my shop first!}. Just go take a look and you will fall in love with the cuteness sold by April Crosier in her BentoADay shop!!
set of two pink strawberry bento boxes
multi animal sauce bottles
panda plastic food picks
..and there's many many more things...!!!
Here's a few cute images of bento box lunches I found online:
Some are just amazing!!!!! So.. what are you waiting for? Visit her shop and get inspired!! :)
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  1. Amazing photos of the food, how could anyone not eat food made like that!


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