Friday, April 5, 2013

Our long long drive

Hello you all!!! 🙋
I'm starting to write this post sitting in the car {don't worry, I'm not driving... I never drive on the highway}. 🚙 We are driving back to California after having spent a few wonderful days in Colorado. We always drive, yes, with all our children. How do we manage to entertain them for a total of 18 hours stuck in the car? ... Well, we break the trip halfway in Utah {gorgeous mountains and farms all over the place!!}, just for one night.. The rest of the hours in the car we talk, sing, listening to music.. I also crochet and play on my phone.. and the kids watch movies {i rent a few at our local library right before we left} and they share the iPad. I have to say that the technology of today helps a lot!!! I guess they would just use their imagination, as I used to do during the long trips I took with my parents when I was little. It is a big help though. There's a few apps for kids that I really like: sprouts, temple run {that's fun for me too! Especially the Oz version}, pirate school, EduKitchen and Endless ABC.
Well, while I'm gonna be here in the car for a few more hours I want to share with a family picture we took on Easter Sunday. We went for a walk to my favorite park in Denver, where my husband proposed.. 12 years ago.. and we took a picture on that same bench!!! It was very cold and windy, but I love it!!!


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