Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pen Pal experience

Today's post is inspired by the blog Truly Lovely... I just read about the idea of finding Pen Pals for those who are interested. It touched me right away because I grew up writing letters to pen pals. I had different ones, from different countries. I studied foreign languages basically my whole life, it was for me a great way to practice the languages I was studying, so I had a pen pal from France, 2 or 3 from United States, one from India, one from Indonesia and also one from Italy, my own country, just for fun. I met the Italian girl after a while we were writing to each-other, it was so much fun!! We spent a few days together in Florence, where she is from, I remember I had a great time.
The most amazing thing happened when I met one of the American girls I was writing to. Her name is Grace, she is from Denver, CO.. I met her first in July 1993{I was16} when I went to America for the first time in my life thanks to a pilgrimage with Pope John Paul II. She is also Catholic, I went to see her at her house after the meeting with the Pope... and then, after a month she happened to go to Italy for a trip with her Classical Orchestra.. and I went to see her again!!! After that we stopped writing to each other, for different circumstances.. but 3 years ago, after 13 years... I went to visit her in Denver, now both married and with little children. The children played together and we had fun talking about our lives, what changed throughout the years since we stopped writing to each other. Even if I don't always speak to her {sometimes via FB}, I cherish this experience in my heart.
I could say many more things... but now you understand why I love this subject!! If anybody is interested to find a pen-pal.. please link up with Kassi, from Truly Lovely. Just click on the image below.. who knows, maybe you'll find a friend that will stay in your heart for the rest of your life. :)

Truly Lovely

Love to you all!

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  1. Those memories are so precious to me, too. Love to you! xoxox


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