Monday, December 3, 2012

Have You Ever Gifted a VIP?

December just started and you can already smell Christmas in the air! I had a few orders from my Shop and had a lot of fun crocheting, sewing, wrapping... it's the best time of the year!!
Thinking about presents... have you ever sent a gift to a famous person?..a so called VIP? I'm asking because..I did! A few months ago I created a cozy inspired by Rachael Ray. I love her TV shows {the one on Food Network, whenever I can watch in people's houses with cable, and her daily show}. I sent it to her, well, actually to the Studio where she works...and... I never got any answer. :( 
So, I have no idea if it ever reached her hands. Probably not. Oh well! I tried, and I can still imagine that she has it and uses it everyday, sipping her coffee in the morning. Who knows... ;)
If you are curious to see what I sent her... here it is:
I was very lucky to meet her 9 years ago {befooore all her big shows!} while she was shooting an episode of her show "40$ a day" in Denver. I could talk to her and she signed one of her cooking books.. I have a collection of them! 
Do you have any experience with VIPs? I would love to hear them!!!

That's all from me!...for now...



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  2. I spelled wrong! lol! Your cozys are adorable! I have 2 :)
    I think it's really sweet that you sent her one, I'm sure she likes it!


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