Sunday, December 30, 2012

.11 years.

11 years ago. I moved to the US leaving behind my beautiful family and country. Why did I do that? To do the most important thing I've done in my Life... get married to the one I love.
Every year is a miracle, every year something new happens. We had 4 incredibly beautiful children {more to come if God wants}, we have been missionaries the last 5 years, living in complete precariousness, with no job, no money, but always with a roof over our head, food and clothes.. everything provided by God, announcing to everybody the love of God. We are amazed every single day by the great Love God has for us. Why did He choose us? I don't know. But I bless Him everyday for the marvels He does with us and for the husband He has given me, the perfect one for me. 11 years and I love him so much.
Yesterday he took me to take a walk in Seattle.. how fun spending a little time together, just the two of us {thank you Grandma for watching the kids!!}.
I am just so so thankful.
xoxo to you all,

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