Monday, November 26, 2012

this past week-end...

Hello Everyone!!!! 
I've disappeared for a couple of days..but I'm still here!! I've just been So BuSY! 
I want to share with you a few pictures of these past days.
First of all... my Thanksgiving TURKEY!!! It came out so delicious!!..well, actually DELISH, as Rachael Ray would say, 'cause I followed her fantastic recipe:
♥I love Rachael, I'm her big fan ♥

One of the things I love about my celebration of Thanksgiving is the games we play together after dinner. We forget about the messy table and play fun games! This year we played cards.. {innocent Italian games of course!} and Cranium!! Me and my husband were in the same team and we won big time!!! ;)
The next two pictures were taken last Saturday during a lovely road-trip to La Honda, CA. We went to visit my cousin and aunt.. more family time!! and beautiful landscapes....

I'm ready to go to bed now... but not before showing you the awesome pumpkin-pancakes I made for dinner! Husband and kids loved them!! I have to say, they are pretty great.. ;)

I wish you all Sweet Pumpkin Dreams...
Good Night!


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