Thursday, October 25, 2012

yumminess for my palate :)

I wish you were all in my house to smell the delicious Pumpkin Muffins that just came out of my oven! :) The whole house {it's very tiny..but still...} is filled with pumpkin and cinnamon aroma. 
The recipe was very easy, I found it a few days ago in a very nice blog. I know you want to make them and taste the sweetness of the cream-cheese filling squirting out of the pumpkin soft cake.. You can find the recipe HERE. And don't forget to thank Laurie and visit her wonderful blog!
I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful Fall season and having a yummi snack as well!!

 ..ready to go in the oven..

a little peek..


What is in your oven? Do you have a good recipe to share? Please do!! :)



  1. Thank you for this recipe!! your muffin looks delicious!!

  2. The muffin looks so yummy! Stopping by the blog hop. Thanks for following the Nifty Thrifty Family. I am following back.

  3. Can't wait to get my house smelling SO good! Thanks for sharing lovely!! Did you make that cozy?????

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  4. Look so good! I just made some similar pumpkin muffins at my friend's house, DELISH! :) I love your coffee cup cover too! :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    -Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty
    a.k.a. your newest follower


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