Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the immensity of the ocean..

How beautiful and immense is the Ocean! 
I spent this last week-end near Los Angeles. I stayed in a Hotel with my husband for a retreat.. while my children were staying at our friend's house. She spoiled them so much! in a good way... ;) they had a lot of fun going to the beach! If I lived in LA I think I would go to the beach everyday.. they took some pictures to show me what they did. I'm so happy they got to go!! And maybe next time... I'll go too...

love love love 


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  1. Looks like such a dream!! Hopefully you'll be able to go next time and hope your retreat just you and your husband was great!!

    We are planning and hoping to come to Cali in the next couple of weeks! Maggie has been to the ocean before, but this will be Mia's first time!! SO excited!! Hope your week is fab so far Luisa :) XOXOXO


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