Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So Much To Do.

My vacations are going to begin soon!!! Like every year we go spend summer in Denver~CO, our american home-town. The kids are all excited because most of their friends live there.. and mine too!! :) 
Before leaving, though, I always want to clean clean clean.... the thing that for me takes most of my cleaning time is THE LAUNDRY!! I have an old and half-broken washer, and unlike most of the american people, I don't have a dryer.. so, I have to pretend to be in Italy {which I don't mind at all} and hang all my laundry waiting for the wind and the sun to dry it. :)

I also have to pack everybody's clothes and wash a mountain of dishes.. I like washing dishes, it's my second favorite chore after cooking.. is cooking even considered a chore?? For me it's more like a fun pleasure ;)

What's your favorite chore?
Next time I'll post something it will be from Denver, God willing... I'll talk to you then!!
..this is how "Laundry Day" looks like in my beautiful country..


  1. ...I love the smell of sun dried laundry! And I also like to take my time while the clothes are drying :D ! The B&W photo is marvelous!

  2. Ciao!!
    c'è un piccolo premio per te nel mio blog spero ti faccia piacere..


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