Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coffee Date.

All those who know me can tell you how much I love coffee, my day doesn't start well if I don't drink a huge cup of Caffe'-latte {an easy version of cappuccino, basically espresso & milk with no froth}. And I love "coffee-dates", there's nothing better than a chit-chat with a good friend while sipping a delicious coffee.
If today you were over at my house to have a cup of coffee, I would show you how I make my Cappuccino
You need real espresso, when I say real I mean Italian.. :) Italian brands are sold in almost every american grocery store {I'm sooo happy about that!! I used to have my Mom sending me coffee from Italy!}, the most common are Lavazza and Illy Caffe'. 
Once you have made a strong espresso, warm up the milk {I know it's more fat, but whole milk is the best!} and froth it.. I use my "frother-pot" that I bought in Italy, but you can find something like this in different stores, I used to have it and it works really well.
Pour the coffee in your cup, add some sugar, if you like it sweet like I do, then add the milk with the froth on top. I like to sprinkle it with powder cocoa! Et voila'!  Deeelicioussss!!! ♥
Here's a little picture-collage I made for you:

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  1. That's my favorite home-cappuccino tool as well, I love it!!!


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