Friday, January 6, 2012

Be My Valentine..

My vacation in Colorado is almost over. I will be back soon to sunny {but rainy at the same time} California. :)
While here I got inspired to create a new cozy for my shop.. for Valentine's Day, of course!!! It's the closest holiday, all the etsy shops and treasuries are already full of hearts and love themes.
I like this time of year, especially here in the States... not only because I'm a big fan of pink, red and hearts... In my country Valentine's Day is celebrated exclusively between boyfriend and girlfriend, while here everybody is involved! It's an occasion to show love and affection to the people close to you.. {am I right?}.. :)
I couldn't help but reading the history behind this day about Love. In Italy we call it "the Day of St. Valentine", it originally takes the name from a Saint who became a martyr in the ancient Rome. He was killed because he went against the Law by marrying christian couples. He gave his life for Love. So beautiful!
Well, to celebrate this feast I made a cute new item.. a Ladybug in Love cup cozy! I will share a picture with you, as well as a few other items among the many I like from different shops on etsy.

from the shop CreativePartyBanners

from gufobardo

from misala

from papernosh


  1. ohhh so cute so sweet! thanksss and happy new year! xoxxo

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my bag! Lots of great Valentine's Day gift idea!

  3. So sweet!!
    It is really is the party of love for all world!!
    Not only for boyfriend and girlfriens!!

  4. wow all the items featured in this post are really "lovely"!!!


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