Wednesday, February 8, 2017

~National Teach Embroidery Month~

Good Morning to all of you!!
yes, it's early morning here in California and with a little peace and quiet I finally decided to start writing this post. As you can see from the title, February is the "National Teach Embroidery Month"!!! Who knew? I would have had no idea if I wasn't following Sublime Stitching on instagram {if you are somewhat interested in embroidering, you should check out this website! It's full of tutorials, patterns...everything you need to know to start this beautiful art}. Jenny Hart is the artist behind all this. Check her amazing work HERE . I read her post about teaching embroidery and I knew right away that it was something I had to do... teaching my daughters how to embroider. I signed-up and I received some patterns in the mail. I gathered all we needed and I started teaching them. They loved it! Here is some pictures of their work:
The patterns they chose were easily transferred on fabric

Maddalena, 14 years old

Francesca, 10 years old

Their final work

Not bad for first time stitchers!! Right? All I know is that we will keep working, they are ready to start with their next project and I'm ready to start teaching them different stitches. I just want to thank Jenny Hart for the encouragement and ideas. 

Much love to you all.


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