Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Decorative Pillows.

Hello everyone!!

Like I have said other times, I can never stay still.. I always have to be doing something and, of course, in a house with 5 little kids there's always a mountain of things to do.

I spend most of the day doing chores: cleaning, picking up toys, cooking, standing at the sink washing dishes...especially cups of every kind...{no dishwasher here}, "wash-hang-ironing" clothes and now also changing diapers and rocking my adorable baby girl. I bless God for all of this! He gives me everyday the opportunity to give my life for my family and others...

Among all these daily activities I try to squeeze-in also my hobbies... sewing, crocheting, making pretty things... it reminds me so much of my grandma, always busy with work in her hands. She could embroider really well... I never really learned how to embroider and it's too late to ask her to teach me. Nonetheless I'm starting to teach myself! I have been following different you-tube videos to learn the basic stitches, to be able to create cute stuff. I have many ideas but not much time to put them into practice.

I have been recently working on decorative pillows for my daughters. I had bought the plain pillows at Hobby Lobby more than 2 years ago! I recently bought a super adorable "Rapunzel" fabric from Japan {pretty Rapunzel pouches will be soon in my Shop!!} and started to practice my embroidery. 

Here's a few pictures of my work...

I tried to leave it simple. The important thing is that my daughters love their new pillows.. especially their initials and embroidered portrait! :))

xoxo to you all,

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