Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our One Day Camping Experience..

Well, here I am!! This is my first summer post from the beautiful Colorado! Yes.... I made it... I didn't get lost in the forest... :)  I say this because for the first time, me and my husband decided to break our 18 hours usual road-trip {from Cali to Colo}spending one night in tent!!! I think it was a great idea because we all had a blast!
We are not campers, we have 0 experience. The only two times we went camping in the past we were with friends who put up the tent for us, cooked for us, brought all the tools and food... basically everything. This time it was just us. It was our adventure.
We found a camping ground on Lake Tahoe {huuuge lake!! so gorgeous!}, we built our tent and made the fire. I cooked sausages, fresh corn, melted fresh mozzarella and in the morning I even made espresso!! Everything on our camp-fire... so much fun!
We will definitely do it again... it's also much cheaper than to spend a night in a hotel, as we usually do.
Here's some of the pictures I took:


Hope you're having a great week-end!!






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