Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy to be here!!

Heyla'!!! It seems like many weeks passed since I wrote my last post.. well, it was actually 10 days ago!!! Maybe it's the longest I've been in silence.. Days are passing by so fast, I moved in a new place  3 days ago, you can imagine me surrounded by big {and small} boxes, mountains of clothes to sort, books, video-cassettes {yep, the kids watch videos.. I buy them at goodwill for 1$ each!} and many other things to organize. I'm getting there! I think this new apartment is starting to look like a home and that makes me happy.
Leaving our tiny-tiny little house was like closing a chapter of our life. We have been there for 5 years! My youngest son has lived there all his life {he's almost 4}.. :) We are going to miss many things, especially the big yard and the fruits, fresh from the trees, the birds chirping loud early in the morning, the daily chit-chatting with the mail-man... there are also many things I'm NOT going to miss.. but all I have to say is that it was time to go. God provided another place for us, which so far looks perfect and much bigger!! The kids can actually sleep in separate rooms... yes, that's how crowded we were.. the tiny house was reaaally tiny. :)
Anyways, I will be more active now!! on the blog, in my shop.... I'm also very excited to have a new Sponsor on my blog! I'll speak more about her in the future but I was just want to introduce you to Laura, from La Caseta de Paper. Adorable shop! Please check it out!!

Valentines Hearts

Big hugs to you all!!! So happy to be back...

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