Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Little Sweetness

It's Thursday night. Wow! Tomorrow it will be one week since my little family moved in the new apartment... Things are going great! Today I accomplished a lot!! I organized my sewing and crocheting things...and I sorted a mountain of socks!! It's incredible how socks hide everywhere.. we found socks in the couch, under the beds, the dresser, the fridge!! :) I collected all the socks I could find from the old house and today I did the job to find for each of them their "twin-brother"... it took me a while.
This past week, many things have happened.. with the mess surrounding us we even celebrated the birthday of my sweetie-pie husband!! :)) I wanted to make him a nice card, find something he needs.. in the end, among boxes to unpack and clothes to fold, the only thing I did was baking!!! and I know he loves it! We celebrated his birthday for 2 days in a row, on Sunday with the kids.. I prepared a gorgeous Black Forest Gateau. I had never done that recipe in my life.. not even tasted it... ever... but the picture on my "Tea Party Treats" lovely book was so inviting.. and it came out delicious!! It's basically a chocolate cake filled with cherry jam and whipped cream. Everything topped with a smooth and creamy chocolate ganache. mmm
The next day {the actual birthday},  while the children were in school, I made him some incredibly good Limoncello Meringue Pies.. tiny pies... just divine! I wish they were bigger!!!! The lemon cream had a hint of Limoncello {I used the one homemade by me}... I can't describe how good they were.. I just know I will make them again soon! :)
 My gorgeous book...
My yummi cake!..

One of my tiny Limoncello Meringue Pies :)
I'm getting hungry looking at these pictures.. maybe it's time for a little night-snack.. ;)
Hugs to you all!!!
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