Monday, September 10, 2012

My Coffee Etsy Finds ♥

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We are going to share our love for coffee.. I couldn't not I am one of those who cannot live without Coffee!! I had already posted about it a few months ago, teaching the way I make a delicious Cappuccino.. {you can find it here}.  Every morning I have to have my huge cup of Caffe'Latte.
So, I decided to share a few of my "Coffee Etsy Finds" {I love the Etsy Finds' newsletter!! I'm always hoping to be in it... who knows.. maybe one day..}. 

I will start with my last creation.. my newest Cozy! The Ladybug on a Rainy Cloud cozy. It's still pretty hot here in California, but I know that the rainy days are getting very close....

I cannot resist this coffee-pot.. the color.. the enamel.. the 50's look.. I'm a big fan of vintage!

This Art-Wall speaks for itself... :)

There are so many cute rings all over Etsy!! I think I would wear it if I had one!! ♥

And then... espresso cups! They are not that easy to find in the USA. These are from Portugal. I like the artistic style and the pretty colors...

Well, I think that's all.. and it's time to go drink another coffee to have the energy to finish all my chores!! :)


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  1. LOVE your CUUUTE cozy!!!! Holy cow! Sharing with my networks!! :)

  2. I love that cozy, so cool! :) Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up. Happy Monday!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love these!! I really love that coffee cup ring. People would probably laugh at me, but I would be rockin' that ring all the time. Thanks for linking up with FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE. I love seeing what everything coffee related y'all share :D



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