Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Year of Fun

I've been sick for a whole week together with my children.. it has been an unbearable adventure.. one of my girls even ended up to the ER the other night.. but it looks like it's over now! We are all much better.. Thanks be to God!! :)

Today I realized it's my Etsy Anniversary!!! I've been on Etsy for a whole year now!! Time really flies... I have a lot of fun in doing what I do, I met a lot of beautiful people, like my teamies from MadeInItalyTeam {who are among the few who ever read my blog!! and give me a lot of support..}, all the girls from the BNRBabes {who helped me with many of my sales!}, my friend Lisa from beadsoul {who introduced me to the Etsy world!}, the sweetest Carmen from bijouxfan {with whom I exchange messages and advices}.. and many many more!! I thank everybody for making my days even busier than what they already are!!! =)
Much Love to ALL!!!!

from Carmen, bijouxfan
from Lisa, beadsoul


  1. Congrats on you Etsyversary! I can't believe its been a whole year :)Thanks for mentioning my shop, my darling sister! I am so glad you are feeling better.

    1. muah!! I would have never done it without you!! ♥

  2. so sweet with us (madeinitalyteam) thanks a lot and good luck, the first year is so important!

  3. Happy Etsyversary, Luisa, I wish you many many years of fun and success in your art :-)

  4. Happy, happy, happy etsyversary!!!! And thank you so much for your friendship!!!! Love you!!!! :))

  5. Feliz cumpleaños!!!! Tanti auguri! Bon aniversaire!! HApy etsyversary!!!

  6. Congrats! You have a very cute shop--love the cupcake cozy. Following you back.

    p.s. I'm half Italian!


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