Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspiration Board #2

While reading one of my favorite blogs, I decided to participate to her Inspiration Linky Party again! Anyone can do it and I think it's fun!!
These are the things I chose as my inspiration this time:
  1. ITALY. I found this gorgeous picture of Rome showing the Tevere river and St. Peter's Cathedral in the background. How I would love to take a walk there right now!! All my brothers and sisters live in the Eternal City. Of course, anything Italian inspires me.. it's my blood... it's ME!! :)
  2. PRETTY FABRICS. Any type of colorful and pretty fabrics makes me want to work and create something new! Every time I go in a fabric store I become dizzy from the beautiful colors I see all around me... I just love fabrics.
  3. NAIL POLISH. If I didn't have to wash dishes everyday I would wear nail polish all the time. :) I cannot afford to go to a manicure (it would be nice...), so I paint my nails the best I can, but the dish-soap and all the different detergents wash it off almost right away. :( When I was younger I used to have my nails painted with different colors.. pink, red and sometimes even green or blue! :) Anyway, I like to see my nails painted, especially when I crochet!
  4. THE BEATLES. I love listening to them whatever I do. I started learning English thanks to them {and my Mom's patience, as she already knew English perfectly as well as all their songs} 21 years ago!! It was my first year of High School, I didn't know any English at all... I fell in love with their music and since then I never stopped singing their songs... ♥
I think that's it for now!! Let me know what you think!!! :)


  1. lovely pics!
    I actually took a walk right there in Rome today!

  2. This is fabulous! Thank you SO much for linking up! I'm right there with ya on the fabrics! I get so overwhelmed with pretty fabric!


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