Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knock-knock!! :)

The shop I picked today to share with you is simply adorable. It's called knock-knocking! Agnes Blum is the owner of the shop and designer of beautiful and very original wreaths (she also has a Blog). I thought of her during this time maybe because we are close to Christmas, but I have to say that the type of wreaths she makes can be used all year round. They are so colorful, different one from the other, with pretty flowers made out of felt; some have a rustic look, some you could just eat them with your eyes! Who wouldn't love to have one of these hung at the door? Agnes does an incredible job.. she was even featured in the magazines Better Homes and Gardens and Simply Handmade.. and I'm not surprised! I love the way she assembles the flowers, combines the colors of the yarn and the felt to create something so unique. I will share with you the ones I like the most (very hard to pick which one!):

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