Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This morning I finally started to feel a little better.. we have all been sick with cough and sore-throat this past week! But today I could spend the whole morning and part of the afternoon.....COOKING!!! I prepared a Thanksgiving meal for my family and 3 guests.
After having studied with my children about the First Thanksgiving, I was imagining to be a pilgrim woman preparing all those good dishes... first of all the big turkey!..then the cranberry sauce {made with fresh delicious!!}, the green-bean casserole {with fresh green-beans cleaned by my babies!}.. the yummi gravy...the apple pie.. nothing from the cans.. I can't believe how much I cooked!! And it was so much fun!
After dinner we all played cards.. the super fun italian game called scopa, and also another game called war.

Beautiful Day... Beautiful Night... now I'm gonna go to bed and sleep tight! :)

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  1. I had my Thanksgiving's version at my house in Italy: my family and 3 guests too! Well, the Turkey was split in 2 chickens....but we also had the green beans casserole, gravy, apple-pie and also corn with butter and peas and bacon! No cranberries sauce...because I've never seen that in Italy! Everything was good even if I wasn't feeling any better... :( Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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