Monday, May 13, 2013

Homemade Cheese?... Yes please!!

Happy Monday to you all!!!
If you have followed me for a while, you know how much I love handmade, not only in crafts, but especially in the kitchen. I always cook from scratch, it's something that is part of my culture {you would never see me use a box to make a cake}. I know that many times it's easier and faster to use stuff already prepared, if they are available... why not? But I just love to make my own food.
My husband, even though he is not Italian, likes to make food from scratch as well {he has worked many years in a delicious Italian Restaurant called Parisi in Denver, CO} and I recently spoke about a product that I found on Etsy that I love so much: a kit to make your own fresh cheese!!! How cool is that? I bought it for him and when we received it super fast... we already made a batch of our on fresh Mozzarella... one of my favorite cheeses in the whole world. :)
Here's a few pictures of the product and the making of the cheese. The whole kit comes with a precise description of how to make the cheese, it was easy and it came out super good!!!


 our fresh Mozz!!!

You can make your own as well!! Go check out this awesome shop:


There's not only Mozzarella, but a big variety of fresh cheese!
You should try it....;)




  1. thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to make my own cheese plus I think this would be such a great gift too.

  2. Oh wow! I have always wanted to try that; maybe in the summer when you are here we can play with cheese, ha ha! xoxo


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