Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beatrix or Francesca?

Beatrix Potter is one of my favorite illustrators. I love the cuteness of the little animals she draws and the character she gives them through her stories. I also loved the movie about her life, Miss Potter.. what a sad life!! Not a very happy ending.. and despite all her sufferings she was able to create such great Works of Art. I'll always be her biggest fan!!
♥And I'm not the only one... my little sister Francesca, who lives in Italy with her American husband and 3 gorgeous children is an incredible artist and big fan of Miss Beatrix. She is an iconographer, but she also loves watercolor. She has her little Etsy shop, where she sells Thank-You Cards, Tags, Bookmarks and Birthday Cards.. almost all inspired by Beatrix Potter's little creatures. Please go check them out!!! You'll find also some of her husband's drawings and watercolors, but I'll speak more about him in another post. :)

♥You can see here her last creation, "the busy Miss Mouse Birthday Card"... just adorable!!

Cute Animals Mini Thank-You Cards

♥You can also find Francesca here:


  1. Ciao!
    I love Miss Potter and her wonderful draws ... and also my children love her delicate rabbits and friends!
    The card you are sharing is so nice ^_^ and so lovely shop!

  2. Beautiful Work, lovely drawings! Lots od luck and success to your sister and her shop :-)

  3. I wish lot of succes at your sister to :) really sweet style

  4. I didn't know you are sisters! Thank you for reminding me about her wonderful blog! Great card!

    1. yes!! we both got married to american guys.. :) but she lives in Italy and I moved to America..

  5. I love Beatrix Potter and her draws!!
    The card in Your blog is really nice!!


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